Featured Speakers :

Clarke Patterson
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Vodafone Egypt
Nedaa Agami
Customer Intelligence and Data Mining Consultant
Vodafone Egypt
Saurabh Bahadur
Customer Insight Manager
Emil Berthelsen
Principle Consultant
Machina Research
Allot Communications
Andrei Elefant
VP Marketing and PM
Allot Communications
Dean Eyre
Freelance Consultant, Former Product Owner 'Smart Steps'
Telefonica Dynamic Insights
Chris Gobby
Head of mData
Ajit Jaokar
Virgin Insight
Max Kelly
Founder and Former Managing Director
Virgin Insight
Stephane Lebas
Founder and CEO, 4G Analytics and Former Mobile Applications and Big Data Director
Martin Lossie
Manager Commercial Analytics
Dr Bostjan Makarovic
Chief Consultant
Telefónica Germany
Juan Bernabé Moreno
Big Data Lab Manager - Telefónica Dynamic Insights
Telefónica Germany
Filippo Murroni
Head of Research Development, M2M and Cloud Computing
Abo Data
Marcin Pietrzyk
Team Leader- Big Data
Ismail Rebai
Analytical and Business Intelligence Director
Nejat Sismanoglu
Campaign Manager
UK Broadband
John Stinson
Business Process Analyst
UK Broadband
Deutsche Telekom
Dr Susan Wegner
Vice President Internet & Services T-Labs
Deutsche Telekom
Harper Collins
Rufus Weston
Insight Director
Harper Collins
Ludovic Patraud
Head of Strategic Marketing and Product Management
Juergen Urbanski
Former Enterprise CTO
Deutsche Telekom
Telefónica Germany
Jonathan Ukena
Product Manager Big Data and Datability-Digital Partnerships
Telefónica Germany

Learn how to harness and monetise internal and external Big Data to gain competitive advantage and drive brand loyalty whilst ensuring customer privacy

As the volume of data continues to rise at an exceptionally fast rate, operators are facing the unprecedented challenge of capturing, processing and analysing this data whilst also extracting maximum value.

The burning question for operators still remains unanswered: how do you convert Big Data into tangible revenue?

Now the fourth summit in the series, Big Data Monetisation in Telecoms has expanded to ensure it answers all your pressing Big Data challenges. In a rapidly changing marketplace, take this opportunity to hear how to successfully exploit both internal and external Big Data and use this to drive your business forward.

Discover how to adopt a companywide data governance policy to get the most out of your silo’ d data, and learn how to process and exploit external data and increase market share.

Cutting edge case studies led telecoms Big Data experts will be combined with advanced cross-industry sessions to compare and contrast the Big Data business models and strategies being used to generate maximum ROI and business value.

Plus, with growing sensitivity surrounding Big Data and customer privacy, hear how to capitalise on your Big Data assets without breeching privacy rules and regulation.

Top reasons to attend Big Data Monetisation in Telecoms:

  • Understand how to leverage and exploit internal Big Data to generate new revenue streams
  • Hear results based case studies from operators and cross-industry experts demonstrating how to develop profitable Big Data business models
  • Evaluate the potential of external Big Data for driving your business forward
  • Hear exclusive case studies detailing how to exploit your data whilst ensuring customer privacy and security
  • Scrutinise the expanding M2M ecosystem and determine how to turn your M2M Big Data into actionable business strategies

Who will you meet at Big Data Monetisation in Telecoms 2014:

With 3 days of interactive sessions, you can maximise your networking time with senior representatives from different departmental functions responsible for harnessing and creating actionable strategies for Big Data.

You will meet and network with senior experts from leading operators and cross-industry organisations including SVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers and Specialists of:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Cusomer Insights
  • Security and Intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Security and Intelligence
  • Data Mining
  • Strategy Development
  • Data Management
  • M2M
  • Customer Loyalty

What your peers said about Big Data Monetisation in Telecoms 2013:

“Amongst the approx. 100 Conferences I have visited in my 20 Years in this career, this was definitely in the top 10” - Head P3 Digital, P3 Group
“Very valuable insight into current Big Data initiatives and trends“ - UK Support Manager, Orange

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